Guest Post: Four of the best cardboard creations for your cat

A Great Idea For A Cardboard Box!


All cat owners know that feeling – you see an amazing bed or home for your furry friend at the pet store only to have your precious kitty turn her nose up at it when you bring it home. Then moments later, you find her nestled up in an old cardboard box.

There seems to be something mystical about a cardboard box for a cat. Perhaps it’s the smell of the cardboard, or maybe it reminds them of when they were kittens and they used to snuggle up in a box with their siblings. Or maybe it’s the fact that they know they shouldn’t be in there – cats are so mischievous after all!

Now you can kill two birds with one stone (or claw) by creating a magnificent palace for your cat using nothing but the humble cardboard box. There’s no limit to what fantastic delights you can create…

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