Published!! A moment of Grace

365 Moments of Grace…

Aria-Bella Rises

Flower background Flower background,

What does Grace mean to me? It means being connected to our higher self and to Source and the miracles that unfold from that. It is being blessed beyond belief in even the most simple little things.

From an early age I always knew I would write books, back then and even till recently that thought terrified me – how could I write a whole book?? The reason I got into blogging was a way to share my musings, without needing to conform to a book… the other option is in a book collaboration.

When I stumbled across the 365 family, and that really is the best description for them as you do become a beautiful member of a fabulous family feeling community – my soul leapt and without me even thinking twice about it, I had grabbed a page for their new book 365 Moments of Grace…

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