The Secret To Happiness.

Everyone Feels It.


Who decides whether you shall be happy or unhappy? The answer: You do! Five out of four people live a unhappy life.Well, it’s easy just to make up your mind that you’re unhappy.Just choose unhappiness.Go around telling yourself that life is not going well.It’s satisfactory and you are quiet sure to be unhappy.If you would think like this then you will never heal.
Tell yourself over and over again that Life is going well, there are no worries and
I choose happiness.

Happiness is found in little things.Like the smoke coming out of the chimney,Velvet sky, the moon in the clouds, the stars sparkling, street lights on the river,looking into deep clear water, moving of moon and the clouds as you are driving car, the smell of the rain, sunset, sunrise and the list goes on and on.There is something exquisite in the essence of this…

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