Story Monday: An Interview with Charles French

Story Monday: An Interview with Charles French

Russell J. Fellows

Charles French You can click on the pic to go to his site, too!

Hello everyone!

Way back in February of this year (it was still 2016, I promise) I posted something I called The Story Monday Spread. You may or may not remember. If you do, you’re an amazing person.

In that post, I said that I would start doing interviews. The point was, as with anything on this blog, to tell a story. To tell your stories, with your words, so we can move beyond the surface and categories we place each other. Well, because this blog is highly professional (ahem), I’m now going to post my first interview! (I know you can barely contain the excitement that I moved so quickly with this).

As I promised, these are in the words of the interviewee – I asked the questions, and they gave their answers. I don’t want to…

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