Now that you have Consecrated Water & Salt, & may I add that after I Consecrated it I keep it bottled & corked so as to be prepared.

Burn some Incense, perhaps some that you have prepared thru “handcrafting” such delights as of, Sandlewood or Frankincense, burn through out your home.

Burn some Candles thru out also.
Candle Colors:
Blue: Tranquility
Green: Healing & Prosperity
Purple: Protection
Pink: Love
Brown: Health & Home

Bowl of Consecrated Water & Salt
Bowl of Herbs in Water
Herbs such as:
Rose Buds: Love
Lavender: Preservation
Rosemary: Protection
Something Sweet Smelling, Home Grown is Good
Sprinkle Consecrated Water & Salt into Herb Water

Put 2 Bowls on Silver Tray
Go widdershun (counter clockwise) & cleanse the area, room by room, sprinkle the Water & Salt then the Herb Water in corners, doors & windows, drains etc and ask:

That any Evil or Distruptive Influences…

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