Watching over.



Not many days remain now…

until you change your name.

And tho’ one might think sadness dwells,

it is pure joy which remains. 

To see your peace

and constant glow,

there is no more to ask. 

Than to know you’re loved

and cherished so,

by the one whom you will be attached. 

One thing I ask to be remembered

one wish I humbly tell.

Watch over this name you’ll soon be given,

remember to treat it well. 

Provide it only with honor

and tender loving care.

For God has gifted it to you…

and guided you safely there.

His name 

will now be your name

and with God together you will be.

3 strands of cord together…

forever strong,

you shall see.

And I am so very grateful,

that He gave you but for awhile to me.

A true Motherly Blessing,

(for so many years)

of watching over thee.

these hugs n’…

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