3 Ways Your Guardian Angels Help You To Stay Positive


Here are 3 ways that your guardian angels can lift you up to a positive perspective:

  1. Ask for Divine Help. Asking for help from God, Jesus, and the angels is the first key to staying positive, no matter what’s going on around you. When we worry, we are imagining that we are all alone. But when we pray, it’s an affirmation that help is all around us and within us. It doesn’t matter HOW you ask for help – all that matters is that you DO ask for help. What do you need help with? Please take a moment right now and ask for divine assistance.
  2. Focus upon solutions. Being positive doesn’t mean that you’re naïve about what’s happening in the world. There are definite issues of concern going on right now. The way to stay positive in the face of awareness about issues, is to focus upon finding solutions. So, when you become upset about something, pray to know how you can help. You will be given divine assignments that will assist with the situation. And please don’t worry: God will never give you an assignment that you can’t fulfill.
  3. Accept help. It’s not enough to ask for help – you also have to be willing to receive help. Your guardian angels are continually sending you messages, signs, love, prayers, and other forms of help. Most of this help comes in the form of you receiving divinely inspired ideas to take positive action. If you feel confused, blocked, or intimidated to hear or follow this guidance – pray for courage and support – and it is given to you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Your Your relationship with your guardian angels is mirrored with your relationship with people. The more that you feel comfortable asking for and accepting help from people, the more comfortable you’ll feel with requesting and receiving help from above. So do practice daily asking for help, and accepting help in its many forms.

    If you have difficulty asking for or receiving help, or if you feel like no one in your life is helpful, please say this prayer:

    “Dear God, Thank you for healing anything in my mind or heart that would prevent me from asking for or accepting help. Help me to know please that I deserve help, just as much as anyone else. Thank you Lord for guiding me to healthy friendships with supportive people. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers.”

Your guardian angels can help you with anything that brings about peace, because peace is their divine assignment. The more of us who consciously connect with our guardian angels, the more peace we bring to the world.

This additional guidance comes from the Angel herself, Doreen Virtue.

My Angels, please feel free and open enough to have a conversation with your Angels.  Talk to them as you would anyone else.  Then, listen, pay attention to your inner knowledge and you’ll get your answers.  You’ll know to trust your inner feelings and inner self.  KEEP your FAITH my Angels!  KEEP your LIGHT BRIGHT!!

Always with Light and Love!!


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