My Angels ~

There is nothing that troubles you that will offend or repel your Angelic guides. They know and understand our frailties and the plight of humanity. Even your most personal issues and desires are appropriate to discuss with your Angels.   Regardless of the results of these discussions, you can be sure that your Angels are determining the best path for you and helping guide you toward resolution of your issue. Whether or not it means fulfilling the desire, or helping you resolve it and move on to a higher level of development, they do hear your requests, and they do respond.

      It is important to remember that Angels work for the Creator, and take direction from that force. Do not pray to your Angels, but speak with them and ask for their support. Prayers should always be directed to whatever you perceive God to be.
     This my Angels is a reminder and taken from a current course I am taking “Angels 101.”
     Happy Friday my Lights, my Loves, and my Angels!!

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