I Am The Fire

Diary of an Aesthete

“Life for me is about moving on, staying strong, being free – progressing, always improving, doing, seeking, finding… and sometimes keeping. I’m happiest when I’m on a journey – whether inward or outward. I detest still waters of the soul – my spirit bursts and gushes forth, like a river. I am raw and alive. Freedom is my keeper. I live life according to the whims of my heart, not the logic of my mind. I am the eternal wanderer. He who walks. The Fire. I cannot be held or tamed – only fueled.” – England, Spring 2015.

“I am the fire. Free, raw, wild,
unpredictable, sometimes misunderstood,
addictive, always moving, never still,
unhold-able, untame-able, but fuel-able and fearless,
flying, falling, always burning down
– but from the ashes reborn.” – India, August 2015.

“I tell you to love this beautiful world, and it will love you back. I tell you to embrace…

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