Tumeric, the why and the how

The Dancing Herbalist

I have some odd allergies. One of them is ginger from the Zingiberaceae family. I have a slight reaction to cardamom, in the same family, but for some unknown reason I do not react to tumeric. Tumeric is a beautiful root vegetable that is commonly used as a seasoning in curries and other Indian cuisine. Personally, I enjoy putting a bit of tumeric onto my popcorn for a sweet creamy flavor.

turmericSo many people are using tumeric for their health these days because it is an excellent antiinflammatory herb. As a general rule of thumb, any herbs, spices, or foods that are bright in color are high in antioxidant molecules. The vibrant orange color of tumeric is just that. Curcumin, the antiinflammatory molecule of tumeric, lends it the orange color and associated antiinflammatory properties.

The wonderful medicinal benefits of tumeric are not limited to reducing inflammation through the whole body…

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