The National Museum of Singapore – 8 things I didn’t know about

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My first building & architecture tour finds itself at the National Museum of Singapore, not that I am technically inclined in that area (of architectural design) but hey we learn something new each day. Somehow today, I was a little bit relieved, the guide is a local Singaporean.

The Raffles Library and Museum building was opened on 12 October 1887, in the Jubilee year of Queen Victoria. Built in 1887, this was when Singapore was still under the British rule and therefore its architecture was heavily influenced including the pillars, structure, columns by the neo-classicial style somewhat similar to the British Museum (see below picture).

BritishMuseumTour_External1-1230x400 The British Museum taken off Mirandu tours  website

Aside: I love the British Museum and have personally gone there four times. 

  1. From the interior of the old Rotunda (which is the inside of the dome), one can see 50 stained glass panels, 50 because…

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