When Someone Tells You that You Bother Them

Sydney Campos

I had the best thing ever happen last night: someone told me that I bother them and while there’s a lot of things that I make them uncomfortable about they still appreciate me.

I loved this conversation so much – mostly because it didn’t bother me in the slightest to hear that kind of feedback. If I’m triggering someone into discomfort that means I’m doing my JOB. I love being a MIRROR to your TRUTH and an ACTIVATOR for how you can be more in alignment with what you truly CARE ABOUT, BELIEVE IN and LOVE.

It wasn’t always like this, that’s for sure. I used to LIVE for the LIKES (IRL and digitally of course) – I would DO ANYTHING it took for you to like me, for you to shower me with attention, to know that just maybe I was looking good enough to deserve love.

That’s simply…

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