“I lift my eyes”


I lift my eyes

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We need to open our eyes and find the good in each day.


                                I lift my eyes.

Barren cold and heartless world.
Fear had tarnish laughter and opportunity for friendship.

People surviving like the living dead.
Few glimpses of emotion.
People looking forward and blinded to the people around them.

We have become ghosts and alone.
Once love was the reward of a good life.
Now loneliness and separation is okay.
“One is a lonely number.”

I tell people.
Lift your eyes.
Reach for the sky.
Watch the beauty of the clouds and the sun.
Put your feet in the running river.
Sing and dance with strangers.
Nothing is lost.  If nothing is gained.

A locked door.
Allowed no-one in.
One day we will wished we open the door.
Danced a thousand dances. Had a million sweet kisses tasted.

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