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Press This…

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A detailed and exceedingly useful post from Hugh on the aternative to the ‘reblog’ button which, although common to most sites, does not appear on self hosted sites or general articles across the web.

I first came across the Press This marklet thanks to D.G. Kaye’s excellent article and it solved my biggest problems with reblogs… how do you reblog when there is no reblog button…and how to schedule a reblog for a future date.

Read on for Hugh’s step by step guide…

I stopped reblogging blog posts months ago. In fact, I wish I’d never started using the reblog button. Why? Because of the fantastic little feature WordPress call ‘Press This’. But, what is ‘Press This’, where can you find it, and how do you use it?

‘Press This’ is an alternative way to reblogging. It’s like reblogging a post, but you can do so much…

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