Are You Waking Up?

Gaia's Awakened Children

So what really is an awakening? We tend to not truly understand the concept of awakening until we are actually going through it and have recognized the signs. It’s a soul piercing experience that tears everything you ever imagined apart, and reconstructs it into a whole new being. It’s facing your greatest fears and makes you rethink everything that you ever knew. It forces you to view every aspect of yourself that you tried to hide from not only the world, but yourself. Despite these horrifying possibilities, the aftereffects are worth it.

The best representation of an awakening experience, is the lotus flower. It sits quietly, but beautifully basking in the sun. We tend to see it only as a flower, but the lotus is often times represented as the journey we go through waking up. If we can continue to remind ourselves through the process that we are merely…

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