Smile… it is contagious!

Invincible Butterfly

OMG guys!!! It is the last week of our How To Become more Confident journey, although this doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting about it 😉 But I really do hope that a lot of you have been able to follow the whole journey and have become the Confident Woman/Man that you were born to be.

Ok. So let’s get on with our last tip, very short and straight to the point, Smile! Yes, SMILE 🙂 and BIG!!

Don’t tell me those pictures didn’t just make you all fuzzy inside!! Too much cuteness. But that is the power of a smile. Sometimes we underestimate its power, but if there is one instant way to boost your confidence, it is by cracking a smile. There is a reason why God gave you those pearly whites. This will make you appear both confident and composed.

LaughJust by showing a small smile you can…

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