The Gong Bath

I Love A Gong Bath!!

Spiritual Journey Healing

Have you ever attended a Gong Bath? Neither have I and it always peaked my interest. So when I heard there was an event happening not far from my home, I knew I had to go.

So many people consider it a sound massage for the mind and body. Who wouldn’t want that…right? 

IMG_2373 The gong master setting up

gongAt the onset of the session, the gong master mentioned that people typically experience a sense of expanded awareness and higher vibrations as the sound of the gong flows throughout the body.  Ok buddy, I thought to myself…let’s turn off the lights and get to it. 😉

IMG_2375 My warm fuzzy socks






lt; span style=”color: #000000″>Although I was laying down on a cushiony mat with a pillow and a blanket I was fidgety for the first 10 minutes trying to get in a more comfortable…

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