Message from the Angels, You Are Our Forces Of Light.

We Signed Up For This

Message from the Angels via Jenny, February 6th, 2018

Per Staffan February 7, 2018

Angels via Jenny

You Are Our Forces of Light on the Ground

Posted on February 6, 2018 by oangels

Your world changes daily. Now the light quotient is so great, we say the Light Victorious. It is made up of each of you shining your light in your life. Many are having experiences of things going well, projects moving smoothly ahead, plans materializing. Longtime dreams are coming into focus to be realized.

Dear People of Light, this day may be your day, when a quiet understanding floods into you: I AM doing well. I feel more ease. I understand better my place in the world. I know what I can do to assist in the transformation. I know I AM part of the community of light workers. Things go well for me. Things go well for many.

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