Modern Psychic: (This Lucid Dream) Energy, Healing To Empowerment



Modern Psychic: (This Lucid Dream) Energy, Healing To Empowerment

Our ultimate potential can easily be realized and reflected into our lives through unconscious imagery. This very powerful technique being very close to hypnotherapy, which can and does reach its working state through our ‘lucid dreaming’.

Our deep down repressed memories are openly receptive through these amazing subconscious language of the symbols. All our fears, habits, hang ups, business goals, psychic endeavours, our finest natural attributes, our personal best traits can be grasped vividly and all these and many more can be recognized for our personal ultimate potential. A pure physical, mental and spiritual level of change can be accomplished through deep state ‘lucid dreaming’. We bring our conscious minds and our subconscious together with pure open awareness of both worlds concurrently.

Am I Awake Right Now? A powerful method of entering this lucid dreaming state at will and experiencing these…

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