5 Spirit Guides Types and 7 Spirit Guide Kinds

We Signed Up For This

These are two articles combined for a total of 12 categories and you can have small to large companies of spirit guides dedicated to helping you.

There are at least 5 types of Spirit Guides that we all have on our team, however there are probably many more that work behind the scenes without our knowledge.

Here are the 5 Main Types of Spirit Guides That We Work With:

1. Guardian Spirit Guides 

These Spirit Guides are protectors and have the ability to intervene in our lives in a physical way in order to protect us. Guardian Spirit Guides can control the movement of a car, can create an energetic shield around you and can stop you from walking into danger.

Guardian Spirit Guides can also communicate with you through animal messengers. If you see the same animal or an animal in an unusual place, it could be your Guardian’s way…

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