Fun with Herbs n’Words

The Dancing Herbalist

I came across a darling pamphlet last fall and it was filled with poems and other wordsmithing about herbs. I wanted to share a few with you and talk about what they mean. If you want to get the pamphlet visit or email Here are a few of my favorites that were in there.

Skin Ailment Assailment


Conditions of the skin may begin within
From fatty foods–(g)astronomical sin!
From foods that we eat that create body heat–
Like meat and wheat and far-too-sweet treats.

The fact of the matter (and the “why” of this chatter)
Is that what we INgest doesn’t always Digest
As well as it should, and so fouls the blood,
Thus breaking the skin from the shin to the chin!

calendula cream edit a

The herbs in this blend may help make amends
For showering your liver distain;
For they’ll un-mud the blood, do their job with a not

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