Courage | Strength

Oh, border!

The immediate association with Courage in tarot-speak is VIII Strength. However, I see Courage as only part of what Strength is about, while at the same time, Courage also speaks for more than what Strength is about.

Every VIII Strength card comes with a lion, and a very composed human bravely co-existing with the lion, not from physical taming, but from a controlled connection that tempers the mannerisms of each other. You can see the Strength in it, because it is not the “hey, kitty kitty”  kind of connection, nor is there any sense of fear. Instead, it is a very balanced mutual trust, or even camaraderie and neither undermines the other. I find this a very good example of not mistaking softness for weakness.

When we talk about courage, we usually end up discussing along the lines of facing up to something we are fearful of, such as physical fears…

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