ANGEL SOULS ~ Do You Know Who You Are Becoming?

This was in my email box today and I just had to share this with all My Angels!  Angel Souls is a great Enlightenment of Faith, Positivity, Light, and Love.  Michelle is an Angel herself and I just love her and her Angel Souls!  Please read… consider… think… and delve into your true and own potential.

Always with Light & Love Angels!!


One of the things I hear the most is that many are feeling that they are shifting, changing, and that they cannot see the road ahead. I understand this completely. I’ve been there.
We are witnessing an invitation to spiritual evolution, and it is one many have accepted–no matter the unknown and sometimes difficult journey we then have to take. So as a bit more of our light ignites and shines, another step is lit up. We continue on in this manner, only knowing how to go forward when we are upon the next choice. This can leave many of us appreciative for this rediscovered personal light, but still noticing the dark around us. Some may fear this, as anything could lurk there. Yet others may feel helpless that their ‘small’ light does so little. The dark seems too vast.
Remember that the light is not wholly on you to create. Every being has the capability of shining this light, expanding it until it meets the light of another. The light then compounds, reveals, and helps in deeper understanding. That’s all well and good…but how do we get there?
First, you stop. Stop right now. Stop letting a program of self deprecation, low self worth, holding back your talents, taking derogatory opinions as fact, desperation, validation need, eat-or-be-eaten mindset–take you away from the truth.
Second, remember. Remember who you really are. This won’t look like an ego pursuit of “being above it all.” This, perhaps, will look like stunned silence followed by a gentle smile.
Third, work. Inner work. Meditation and breath work can reconnect all lines of power within you, giving you clarity, broadening the scope of that light so that you not only see one step ahead, but the expanse of beauty that has been there all along. You’ll appreciate the beauty of where you are, because you might be there for a bit. Spiritual growth is no race. It’s a gradual walk where you continuously get to know yourself all over again.
Fourth, reinvent. In this new perspective, you can make new choices. You can create. You can love, and you can learn.
Of all Archangels, Archangel Chamuel can help you on this path of self love, alignment and fulfilling your own potential. From here, you’re steady enough to flow into the next chapter of this journey you were so convinced was a great idea at one time.
Again, I feel you. I’ve been there.
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I thank you all for continued love and support.
Cheers to the light,
Michelle Patterson
Angel Souls
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