Spiritual Fruit In Society

Dim “(of a light, color, or illuminated object) not shining brightly or clearly: not clearly recalled or formulated in the mind.” No matter how dim a light might be, it seems to shine brightest in the blackest of nights.  Obviously, a flashlight is barely noticeable in the fullness of daylight, but in the darkest of hours the brighter the light seems to be. Even though it might have been dim to you about the importance of your kind smile, if you find yourself in the middle of flesh eating zombies you would discover how brightly that smile really does shine. You would definitely be a stand-out.

In the dimmest of environments caused by a blackout of spiritual light, your kind qualities shine very bright. Even though you thought you were not that versed on spiritual stuff, it is in the blackest hours that your dim spiritual light begins to come across…

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