Astrology for March 2018

We Signed Up For This

RUNE OF THE MONTH: Wyrd “the homeland”. We are requested this month to examine our  karmic lineage, as well as understand how we are continuing and/or breaking our family tree. The questions we need to ask ourselves revolve around what we have done with our gifts so far, how we have lived our life, what we have created that may continue beyond us and what our real roots are, both in this lifetime and throughout our various incarnations.

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Mercury turns retrograde on 3/22 until 4/15 between 16º54’ and 4º47’ Aries. Its shadow period will remain until May 4th. The degrees traveled this month (16º54’-13º20’ Aries) are represented in the Sabian Symbols by: “Two dignified spinsters sitting in silence”, “Nature spirits are seen at work in the light of the sunset”, “An Indian weaving a ceremonial blanket” and…

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