As It Always Was

Barstool Buddha

I always stood still
though tall in a shadow
scattered with fear.
Then came a window
left wide open
only to walk
the tightrope in.
From the sands of time
through which I sift
it’s now the direction
of the sun I shift.
In the beat of a heart
it all shines through
The love, the light, it’s in all of you.
Somewhere between
the rock and the tree and love’s jubilee
I found you all
in the finesse of me.
Again came the call
from a distant squall
one I’ve heard
my entire life.
The one I know
for we must follow.
It’s harmony that sings
with the joy it brings
in the gospel we hear
to make the choice
from a voice so clear.
It is as it is,
as it always was.
It echoes through eternity
down the path that guides me.
The divinity inside thee

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