Barnes & Nobles- Join the Book Nerds

Shop Girl Anonymous

Book lovers nationwide have watched on pins and needles as the retail world goes through its rapid and relentless shake up.   Books are a thing of the past, and yet somehow we have watched our great hero continue on with no less than 632 operating locations still remaining!

The war is not over, technology has rendered books futile, Amazon has stolen their exclusive market, and the Millennials’ long to spend their hard earned cash on experience over product.  So how can they battle all three in one grand swoop?  Start a book club!

This club will bring bodies to the store.  Meeting for book clubs has long been a thing that community groups have done in Barnes and Nobles.   This book club will provide exclusive product to encourage in store purchasing.  It will excite readers about literature while surrounded by wall to wall book bindings.

The first meeting will be…

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