I have gotten into the habit for a “long time” now to go through all of my things once or twice a year and donate anything that I have not used, worn, watched, etc. within a year. Why?  Because it is just stuff that is lingering and truly… if it was that important for me to use and have I would be using it more often than not.  So, it’s just stuff taking up space.

Everything we own can be placed in three piles.

Essentials. Few possessions should fall into this pile. These are the necessities we can’t live without: food, shelter, clothes. While the specifics change for each person, most of our needs are universal.

Nonessentials. In an ideal world, most of the things we own would fit in this pile. These are the objects we want in our lives because they add value. Strictly speaking, I don’t need a couch, a bookshelf, or a dining table in my livingroom, but these items enhance, amplify, or augment my experience of life.

Junk. Sadly, most of our things belong in this pile. These are the artifacts we like—or, more accurately, think we like—but they don’t serve a purpose or bring us joy. The average American home contains more than 300,000 items, and most of it is junk. While this junk often masquerades as indispensable, it actually gets in the way of a more meaningful life.

Of course, the personal effects in these piles are different for everyone. The widgets that add value to my life might be junk to you, and vice versa. The key, then, is to continue to question the things we bring into our lives, and to question the things we hold onto, because the stuff that adds value today might be tomorrow’s junk.

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If you’re not familiar please check them out… quite an eye opener and something to think about.

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    1. I just took eight (8) bags of clothes, shoes, suits (not all mine mind you – some were my husbands) to the Cancer Center Discovery Store for a donation so they can sell to support Cancer Research. You are so right, I always feel cleansed when donating things I have no use for any longer. And, I don’t think I’m done yet. 8) Cheers Angel!

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