Chakra States – be careful who you spend time with

Mary Shannon

We all want our chakras to be opened and balanced – to be receptive and in good alignment – to just be in a good state.  You may even work on your chakras periodically, making sure that they are open, maybe even getting a chakra reading to see if they are all in working order.

But, what about the chakras of the people you spend a lot of time with.  Those of your partner or your children who you cohabitate with?  The chakras of your bestie who you spend every free moment while not at work with?  That annoying temp who you share a cubicle with? What if I told you that the state of the individual’s chakras that you spend a lot of time with can actually affect your chakras??

We see this most commonly with children.  Some children will start to take on the chakra imbalances of their…

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