The Rainbow Bridge: All Pets Go To Heaven



Losing a pet is a horrible loss.  These beloved furry creatures come into our lives and become part of us not unlike our family.  When they pass, whether it be natural or through tragedy, the loss can be devastating, and more often than not, we are left with so many unanswered questions.

I found myself in this very situation when my dog ( who was originally my ex-boyfriends dog)  died of asphyxiation during a horrible heat wave when he left him alone in a hot apartment with no air conditioner in 100 degree heat.

I don’t think devastated quite describes the feeling I had when I got the phone call from my ex screaming that Bink was dead.  My brother and I went to meet him to help him take care of the body.  We had been broken up for quite some time, however we all put our differences aside…

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