My Angels, I pray this message finds you all well and getting ready to enjoy our Independence Day.  As with everything, we give the utmost thanks to all the men and women who serve our Country and always continue to Fight for ALL of our Freedoms.  To them we bow our heads, pray for them, and give thanks.  They are all Loved more than they know and by so so many.


Always stand tall Angels, hold that head high, always be proud of who you are as there is only one of you, and always – always appreciate everything this life has to offer.  Appreciate and have respect from every little thing (even the tad poles) to every big thing (even the elephants).  Life is short Angels and should be appreciated and loved for all it has to offer.

Please be safe and enjoy your family and friends.

Happy 242nd Independence America and to us all.

God Bless us, every one!


Always with Light and Love to you ALL from me!