Lordy what did we do before the internet?

Good day Angels!  We have moved from CA to TX with our four baby kitties (who by the way traveled very very well out of their crates and are settled nicely in our new home) and are just about all set in the moving process/getting settled when I realized that I cannot access my “wordpress account.”  I cannot access it at all through our new router!  I called the TMobile support because the router says it goes through TMobile on it, but they were absolutely no help after being on the phone for an hour.  What a pain and I really need to get to my blog.  I cannot even get on my blog with my phone.  For now, and in order to write this post, I am using my phone WiFi HotSpot to access the internet and get onto wordpress.  I am not sure what to do as I cannot access it this way for long… Please help if you have any suggestions – I would greatly appreciate it.

No Internet.png

My Angels ~ I hope you are all well this fine day.  Here where I am it is pouring outside and it is so nice to hear.  Being from California we do not get rain like this (not very often anyway) and I sure missed it.  So, I am enjoying our move thus far.  Now, if only I could find a job…  Wait – do I actually need one?  LOLOLOL

Thank you Angels and I’ve missed you!

Always with Light & Love!!