A new Station Clock, can you read the time?

I got it ~ Can you? 8)

Rolandomio Travel

The new train station clock in the St. Gallen provides strong reactions from the public. People are shaking their heads about this new clock! Nobody can read the time! It’s new to all, but revolutionary for a train station clock, probably unique in the world! The travelers are annoyed by the circles, crosses and rectangles that have recently adorned the façade of St. Gallen’s train station hall. This clock is far too complicated and in my opinion completely unnecessary and it needs a „university degree“ to decipher the time. Last but not least, if travelers are inside the hall, its even more complicated because the clock display is reversed!

Binary Train Station Clock Binary Train Station Clock (view from inside of the Station Hall)

It is a binary clock. To be honest, I had some trouble to read the time of this “light installation” in the sunshine and then to decipher the binary…

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