Happy or sad?


Happy or sad?
Pretty Irish girl with eyes of river blue. I saw heaven in her eyes and I told her.
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“Dear Colleen, never dance with the devil, never make promises, you cannot keep.
Her eyes were dancing like a wild flowing river and she whispered.
Happy or sad, we can be.
We decide the rhythm of our life dear soldier,
we can drink the whiskey till we are blind or
we can seek sweetness in the mess of poor decision.
Please dance with me tonight,
let’s me sing you a Irish love song.”
I told her. You are my utopia dream, hair of red, voice of an angel and an untamed storm. She smiled and she whispered. Do you want a happy or sad song wandering soldier? I told her. Sing me a song of great sadness, sing me a Irish lullaby about love be sweet, love be damned…

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