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Feeling negative? Start thinking of one good thing. In this way you’re on your way to a positive recovery. It’s a small start, because you have bad emotions inside you. I know that things look awful now but in the future it gets better. Days change from time to time. Not everyone is the same. […]

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  1. I’ve done this and sometimes it helps but other times I feel like an idiot trying to delude myself. Negative thoughts I can shake off but when it comes to seemingly crushing problems positive thinking does not work for me.


    1. Hi Carl! It’s so great to hear from you and your posting here. I completely understand and trust me when I say most times it’s not quick to go away, but rather helps and in time it eases one’s mind and stress. Never feel like an idiot my Angel as you and I are only doing our best to remain Positive and in the Light. When there are problems we have to remain Positive and keep the Faith that it will all work out no matter how hard it is at that particular moment in time. Nothing is perfect, but rather we are doing what is best for us and keep us moving in the Positive direction. We remain Positive and keep at trying to crush those problems wherein eventually they will resolve themselves one way or the other. That’s what I do and Lord knows I have had my fair share of trials and tribulations wherein I would think this would never end and/or uncertain if I would make it through. But, I had to (there was no other way for me) remain Positive, Believe, and Keep the Faith that it would all work itself out and My Angels were and are always with me.

      My Angel – you keep that Faith and Light and should you need anything you just reach out and your Angels will always be there.

      Always with Light and Love.


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