Finding Mindfulness On Your Mobile

Great information! Thank you Angel.

Gemma's Journey

I wrote this as part of a  job application that I sadly did not get. So I thought that I would post it on here 🙂

Our lives can be constantly on demand and we never really get to take time out for ourselves and when we do it means we have to pay loads of money for classes. Well not many more, turns out you can find mindfulness on your smartphone all for FREE.

What most people say causes anxiety and stress can now have the opposite effect and help us to chill out and find to improve our well being and mindfulness.  

ASMR which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian is the in thing at the moment. It would seem that many of us are watching videos on our phones of people stroking the camera lens with makeup brushes, flinger fluttering (whatever that is), whispering sweet nothings into…

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