Individual Universes

Timeless Classics


When I was young I had a friend
Pretension to did not pretend
He was a humble working swain
Who looked and acted very plain
But once you’d known him for a time
He’d allow something sublime
Accidentally slip out
Reminding you what life’s about

He had, he and another dude
An interesting interlude
On a normal happy day
They’d gone to see some music play
Talking about it afterward
Each had played the selfsame part
The way he affirmed in telling me
Remained for both a Mystery

Without a bit of warning or
Predisposition theretofore
They found that they had traded places
Stood behind each others’ faces
To them both apparent be
They’d traded bodies suddenly!
Getting past their great surprise
This exper’ience put them wise

To a truth we but suspect
Who scientific’lly reflect
With lofty disapproval blinking
On what we call “magical thinking”
For by my…

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