Sat Nam Dear Ones-

The IO (input-output) of your brain — including what’s stored in memory; the collective-thought mix interaction between people, plus the brain’s connection to the universal-mind — this is so beyond what medical technology and chemistry is tinkering with, even in its most aggressive moments. There’s nothing about these times that can be considered “normal” in the sense of consciousness, intellect, intelligence, and emotions. The sense of the sovereign self, the self that’s truly you — it’s a product of this vast combination of signals passing through the brain-mind IO.

Great masters even said that consciousness is separate from all of your other perceptions and that your consciousness can only be located in your total silence. Not just sitting without comment, but a total silence known as ‘shunya’. This is the silence without thought, agenda, or opinion.  For at this level of silence, there’s nothing to identify with, and it’s difficult to find any voice. But then again, it’s actually in this depth of silence where your true voice is resting and waiting . . . waiting to be discovered wrapped inside your purpose. This is where the false grace of your assumed voice becomes the fierce grace of your actual voice expressing this purpose. And in this fierce grace, you actually connect . . . perception and consciousness become identical. This is the foundation of the most powerful forms of prayer . . . not that prayer is a singular, exclusive technique, or technology. But the platform/foundation that accompanies a prayer, gives it strength to move “mountains” and stimulate its effectiveness. With these most effective levels of prayer, the more Angels show up, the more effortless is the effort. In today’s world of accelerating change and challenge, those who know how to pray must teach those who need to.

Our prayer is that you include prayer in your daily practice; that you include this brain IO in your view of life; that you validate the new and unusual revelations that come from this practice, and work with this nature of evolution to expand the awareness in your world.

Always with Sacred Love, Blessings, Prayer & Gratitude…Sat Nam,

Guru Singh & Guruperkarma Kaur

Thank you Guru Singh for an inspirational email.

Always with Light & Love Angels!