Shots – Down for the Count

Happy Friday Angels!

Have you had your shots? I want to check in on you all and see how you are all doing and if you’ve had shots or maybe you’re not planning on getting shots. It’s definitely not a must do, but at the end of the day I believe we will all still need to wear masks for a while longer – even with shots. I had my first Moderna shot in March which took me out the following day and my second just Monday afternoon. The second shot took me out the entire next day and for a total of three days due to almost all symptoms but two along with a high fever. I’m slowly getting back to my normal – whatever that is, lol. I’m so glad that’s over… for now anyway. I’ll still wear my mask as the shot is not 100% guaranteed it’s just that you do not get Covid as severely as you would without the shot.

I do pray you are all well and taking great care!!!

Always with Light & Love Angels!