My Life-Changing Reiki Experience

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

It’s been a long time since I’ve woken up super stoked and energized. It’s still early in the day, and I’m on fire! All it took was an hour and fifteen minutes of my life in a Reiki session at the end of May. Not bad for a life-changer.

Before Reiki:

I’ve been told by many people that I’m not grounded. My energy rides several feet above ground level. What does that mean? I have to focus on relaxing to get that heavy feeling through my feet, and it only lasts as long as I think about it. Weird for you, normal for me.

For years, I woke up with a stress ball in my solar plexus — all tight and tangled. It first appeared with anti-estrogen drugs — what my cancer ate — first tamoxifen, then anastrozole. I hit eight years cancer-free at the end of May and have…

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