The Mythical Nurse from Yesterday’s Band of Brothers

Stories of Her

For decades, stories circulated among veterans and historians about a black nurse who tended to the wounded and dying American soldiers in Belgium during the bloody Battle of the Bulge in World War II, in which 75,000 American soldiers died, along with up to 100,000 German soldiers. It was a scene of carnage and death. But this nurse, her name long forgotten, was considered something of a legend and, perhaps, a myth. This was the era where racism was so rampant many people refused to be treated by a black nurse and indeed many places forbade it. But in the heat of war, could such a person be real? Nobody really knew for sure until 2007 when the truth came out. There was indeed a volunteer nurse, a black woman from Belgium, whose unsung bravery saved many lives during the Battle of the Bulge only for her name to be…

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