Hello Angels… I reach out to you today to ask you about your intuition. Do you ask yourself questions about your love/work life, about which path to take, about life in general as a whole?  And, when you do, do you listen to the answer you receive (which would come immediately upon asking)?  That answer that comes immediately is your intuition…  I myself have learned to ask and listen to the answers that come.  They might not be the answers you’d expect, but they are the answers for you and your path.  Trust yourself Angels, trust your own intuition, have Faith and Believe…

Please take a moment and listen in on this short Intuitive Discovery video by:

Keri who is a Medical Intuitive, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Intuitive Health Coach.  Keri holds a diploma in Chinese Medicine and is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. She helps people to obtain optimal health and healing through an blend of intuition and holistic science as well as connecting people to their own inner voice.  She has helped Thousands of clients all over the world connect to their intuition, as well as guide them to lead a more joyful and soul filled life.  Keri has had a deep connection with intuition since she was a young child.  But, it was not until she was bed ridden with chronic pain and no answers as to why, that she was forced to use it for herself to heal.  Keri now helps people to realize that they are intuitive and that anyone can connect to their inner voice.



I hope this post and short video helps to assist you all in your path to obtaining and learning more about your own intuition.  I know I have learned more about Intuition by watching it so , thank you Keri.

Always with Light and Love Angels!