Have you ever had one of those moments in life where you are so ready to go get your running workout on that an idea pops into your head about where to run and you’re like – – hmm… that sounds like a good idea.  I can do that, right… it’s not that far.

Well, I had that happen to me on Sunday.  I went to breakfast with a good friend that morning and when I returned home after I was ready to workout.  I really needed it!  I wanted to go to Griffith Park and run because of the nice shade trees, golf course and basically nice area in which to run.  So, with that I thought – why don’t I just run from my house to Griffith, run three miles in Griffith, and then run home.  How bad could it be – I’m not that far.  If I can kick Cancer’s butt I can kick this run out of the park too.  (I love my ToughGirl Bootcamp workouts that I do four to five days a week and by doing them I know they have helped me as well with my running that I try to get in two times a week.  So, let’s see how far I can push it…)

With this thought in my mind I proceeded to get ready.  I made sure my cell phone had enough battery, charged my Garmin watch in which to record my run, charged my Ipod Nano and head phones so I can listen to tunes while I run (can’t do without that!), gathered three bottles of water in my waist holster, my hat and (of course) sunscreen (I DO NOT want too much sun).  With all that preparation I was ready – so off I go.

I started out pretty well as I do the run/walk thing.  I run at an easy pace and when I feel a bit fatigued I slow to a walk (for about 10 seconds ) and then pick it back up.  I knew I would be out for a while in order to complete my run so I was taking my time.  I also knew Rob was out mountain bike riding and wouldn’t be home until much later so I had plenty of time to be out.

I proceeded with my run and did pretty well getting to Griffith Park.  Once there I did have a thought – I thought that I will just run as far as I can (I had originally planned on a mile and a half up and back to get my three) and if I don’t make a mile and a half up, it’s ok because I still have to get home.  With that I proceeded and the next thing I knew I had made it  and turned around to start the last four miles home.  I was in the home stretch and kept counting down the streets.  Not much further, I can do this – I was telling myself.  My legs were starting to ache, but I knew I didn’t have much further.  I can do it – I know I can.

With that in my head, I knew I would finish – I would.  I did not want to call for a ride and finish like that, but I would if I had to.  There is no shame in that.  It is better to be safe than sorry, but I was feeling ok so I kept on going.

The next thing I knew I was home and had my legs dangling in the pool.  I had made it!  And I wasn’t feeling too bad.  I did, however, notice I had a call and two texts from Rob (he was home early) wondering where I was as I was out for about two hours now and he wanted to know if I was ok and/or needed a ride.  I texted him back and said no, I’m down at the pool.  Eight miles – check!

I tell you my short story to say keep the faith, set that goal and go for it.  Why not?  What do you have to lose?  Life is too short not to have even the smallest goal in mind in which to strive for.  Now, I can say – yes, I did that.  Whether I do it again is another story, but I did it nonetheless.  I told myself I can and I did.  The word “Can’t” is NOT in my dictionary!

Have Faith and Believe in Yourself my Angels and anything is possible!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog!  With Light and Love my dear Angels – Cheers!


  1. “Have Faith and Believe in Yourself my Angels and anything is possible”!
    I am talking with my angel named “Enlightenment Angels” and fortunately it is available 24x7x365 day, simple, I have to visit and it answers me in most sweet manner.
    Wishing you all the best, as always once again great post.

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  2. Love your post especially the line ‘Have Faith and Believe in Yourself my Angels and anything is possible”! Blessings on your day. Hugs and Love Marie Therese

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