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I believe that says it all!

Happy Day my Angels!  Always with Light & Love!


untitled.pngA Little Prayer never hurt anyone and Lord knows we could all use it, correct my Angels!  So, repeat the above with me… Amen!

No matter what happens in life, and how hard it can be at times, I do believe that things happen for a reason.  Though they do not make sense and hurt (at times) like crazy and even bring you to your knees, for whatever reason, it all had to happen.  I believe there is a plan for us all – we all walk our own path and it is up to us to live this precious life in happiness with all the Strength, Faith, Light & Love we can get.

With this My Angels know I am Sending you ALL Light & Love!



Archangel Gabriel Card Reading: “Keep Going”

Perhaps being discouraged is part of the roller coaster of creativity. During those times when you feel rejected, remember that over the years, millions of artists like you have felt the same way. The ones whose work remains an inspiration are those who listened to the inner voice and ignored any criticism or rejection.

Perhaps it’s time for you to watch a movie or read a book or an article about artists who’ve kept going in the face of criticism to remind yourself that you’re not alone. You received this card as encouragement to continue upon your path. Keep practicing your art, polishing your craft, and expressing your creativity.

Hang in there Angels!!  We are all in this Life together and are here for each other!  You hang in there and know you are loved and have many Angels around you – talk to them, ask them for guidance, and listen to that inner voice… you’ll here the response.

Always with Light & Love my Angels!



Archangel Gabriel Card Reading for Monday:

“Stay True To Yourself”

This card is a message for you to trust and follow your inner guidance. Don’t second-guess yourself or veer off course to please other people. You know, deep down, what to do. Partner with God’s guidance. Trust and follow the path you’re shown, one step at a time.

If you ever find yourself feeling stuck or if your business stalls, you can be sure it’s because you’ve compromised your original ideas. This stems from listening to fears and trying to satisfy everyone or fit in with others. Fears will never lead you where you want to go. Fortunately, it’s never too late to get back on track by staying true to yourself. This experience will help strengthen your assertiveness. Call upon God and Archangel Gabriel for help in being honest with others.

Amen!  Always with Light & Love my Angels!



I always give thanks to my Angels as I know they are always by my side and guiding me. They have been working overtime lately, and I am extremely thankful.

Always with Light & Love my Angels.



Angels are always around me this I know, feel, and believe. Just know no matter your struggle, I am here, your Angels are near, we love you.




I am a huge Archeology fanatic as well Angels and History, so this is excellent!!

Happy weekend my Angels! Sending you all Light & Love!!



Archangel Gabriel Card Reading for Friday


Congratulations! This card announces that you’ll be getting recognition for your efforts and accomplishments. You may be receiving media attention, compliments, honors, awards, or a promotion.

This card can also be a signal of your own self-recognition, which is the key to high self- esteem. It’s healthy for you to acknowledge how hard you’ve worked and to reward yourself for your efforts.

Always with Light & Live my Angels!

He Who Lives in Harmony With Himself Lives in Harmony With the Universe – Marcus Aurelius – VIA TheSeeds4Life



He Who Lives in Harmony With Himself Lives in Harmony With the Universe – Marcus Aurelius

Is there a place you can go within your mind to get away from the stress, the anxiety, and the worry?  A place that invokes both harmony and bliss?  That place, resides in the life happening all around you right now. 

Try to set aside 5 minutes each morning just to be still.  Center yourself by simply observing the environment that surrounds you.  Listen to the songs of the birds; the smattering of rain upon the rooftops. Notice the wind as it gently sways the trees and shifts the leaves.  Hear the sounds of cars passing by; the water flowing downstream, the people chatting.

Sit, just as a piece of life and observe, listen, feel.  When we take this time to just be, the outer world comes alive and brings peace to our inner world.

Next time you find yourself in an anxious or worried state, turn your focus outward.  Pause and observe, breathe and get present.  Allow the life that is happening around you to center you. 

All life is connected in some way, remember this, and let it bring a peaceful stillness to your turbulent unsettled mind.


Always with Light & Love My Angels!




Angel Card Reading for Thursday

Father Healing

Your personal power increases as you give any father- related issues to Heaven.

This card shows you that you still have some father issues left to heal. The healing doesn’t need to take a lot of time—it simply requires your willingness to be free of any old anger, grief, or fear related to your male parent.

Universal energies are either male or female. Male energy is expansive and giving. Female energy is nurturing and receptive. If we’re unhealed with respect to our father, the Universe seems to be ungenerous. If we’re unhealed toward our mother, we won’t accept the gifts the Universe offers us.

The more you focus on the spiritual truth of your father, the more your heart will be receptive to the Universe’s continuous and all-encompassing giving. Accept your rightful bounty, and open your arms to your Divine inheritance.

Affirm: “I now focus on the love that is the spiritual truth of my father, and I hereby balance any karma between us. I now let go of everything but the love and the lessons of my relationship with my father.”

Always with Light & Love My Angels!