Happiness – 101 Simple Things

Do you have a list?… Happiness – 101 Simple Things.

What is it that causes happiness? Personally I think happiness is a collection of a million little things, people, memories, feelings. I think happiness is a matter of perspective and it is a goal that every human wishes to reach. I think it is impossible to reach happiness, because…

Happiness is not an end.

Happiness is change. something that changes and shifts in meaning as you grow in life.

Happiness is growth. It is growing, changing and realizing what you require to reach the next level in your life.

Happiness is self awareness. To be happy is to know what your needs are in life and how you can fulfill those needs.

Happiness is courage. Being brave enough to stand up for yourself, to reach out to family and friends and say. This might be crazy but it will make me happy.

Happiness is a journey. Take a walk…

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