I Always Say, When In Doubt ~ Look Up…

I Always Say, When In Doubt ~ Look Up…

I had been having a really hard time and while attending a softball game with my husband, I prayed to my Angels, Guides, and my Lord above for a some peace, a sign, a light… something.  I had been crying so much and my heart was breaking so much that I couldn’t take it any longer.  Then, when we arrived at the ball field, I looked up in the sky and this is what I saw.  The sky was simply beautiful and without a doubt, I knew all was going to be well and I would be at peace soon.

Angel Sky      Angel Sky 2


For me, I see Angels everywhere.  The fluttering of wings, the entire being, the sign of peace and the light within.  I as well find many feathers around and almost always they come from no where. Another sign from my Angels above!

With this my Angels, know that Life is a gift and though there are struggles and many at times, know that you are loved, you are never really alone, and should you find yourself down, look up – smile – talk to your Angels and they will be there.  We here at Enlightenment Angels are always here for you, always.

With Light, Love, Strength, Guidance, Enlightenment and Your Warrior Within!  Cheers Angels!

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