While looking above into the great outdoors and the beautiful puffy clouds above, I can feel the peace, I can feel the love, I can feel my Angels surrounding me and guiding me to be here in this space and at this particular moment so I can experience this magickal feeling of Angelic Heaven on earth.

I can only imagine the words that went through the mind of photographer Joshua Weinfeld while taking such a magnificent photo of the puffy clouds above.  You do realize that each and every moment in time and space is a gift. What is a gift?  You know what it is, but let me see if I can put a little spin on it…the person with whom you love and created life with, your furry babies, your friends, your family (be they immediate or best friends being family over time), your breathe each day, your first steps out of bed, and/or just the opening of your eyes in the morning.  Each of these things and many, many more are gifts and are not to be taken for granted.  Do not take for granted that which is in front of you because it can be gone in the blink of the eye.

Angel Clouds

Photo by Joshua Weinfeld Photography        http://www.joshuaweinfeld.com/

I say this only to remind all of us to live life, get out and explore, cherish your wives/husbands/children/family/friends, and by all means… keep the faith (no matter what your faith is) that all will be well, believe in yourself and your Angels above (why not?), talk to them – ask them for guidance and thank them for all you have and/or will receive.  Just know, you are not in this alone for we here at Enlightenment Angels are always here for you and pray for all our loved ones/friends/family/blogging friends/many, many more and furry babies all over.

We love you all, wish you happiness and always do this with LIFE, LIGHT, POSITIVITY, STRENGTH, BEING THE WARRIOR WITHIN, GUIDANCE, and LOVE!

@joshuaweinfeld @joshuaweinfeldphotography @enlightenmentangels

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