When You Are Ready…

Have you ever bought a book, wanted to take a class, heard about a movie or thought about writing a book, but after one or all of these items pops into your mind that you would like to do, see, or hear, you get distracted – stop what you are doing – and begin to pick up on another matter.  Do not beat yourself up about this!  Trust me, this is ok as it was not the right time for you to do, see or hear about this particular item.  Everything in it time and in its place.

“Thought for Today” When you are ready, the time will come for you to pick-up that book you have been meaning to read or attend a meditation group to connect with other like minded people,  Don’t beat yourself up for procrastinating, because you are exactly where you need to be at this moment.  Be at peace with The Source and know that you are loved beyond your wildest dreams.  You need not make any effort to prove yourself or to be worthy.  God’s love is unconditional and all encompassing and forever present.  ~LShell~

When you are ready

Always with Light, Love, Life, Enlightenment, Strength & Our Warrior Within!

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