Your Intuitive Insights Are Accurate~

The High Priestess comes to assure you that your spiritual gifts are real and your intuitive insights are accurate. She wants you to know that nothing in spirituality is secret anymore. Therefore, she presents to you all the wisdom she’s accumulated, in the hopes that you’ll use it to gain great insights about yourself.

The most important revelations come from within. Try spending time in meditation or going on long, reflective walks in nature. Ask yourself, What is it that I truly want? Am I following my own path or just trying to make others happy? Happiness comes from the knowledge that the choices you are making are for your highest, greatest good.

Your body is a powerful intuitive tool that can lead you in the right direction. Pay attention to your emotional responses to various options offered to you and treat them as a compass that will guide you along the way. This card indicates that your psychic abilities are very strong right now. You can trust what your instincts are telling you about situations and people.

Our High Priestess stands before the ruins of the Glastonbury Abbey, which was the site of religious and political disagreements. With her open book, the High Priestess is symbolic of acceptance of the many spiritual paths to God’s love.

Additional meanings of this card: Important nighttime dreams. Spiritual knowledge or enlightenment. Making plans before taking action. Gathering information in order to come to a later decision. Keeping your strategies to yourself for now.


Always with Light, Love, Life, Enlightenment, Strength & Our Warrior Within!

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