Poem: Live In the Moment

“All we have is this moment..”


Can you tell me who called life a race?
Can anyone stay at one place?
This is the only life one has,
Everything is temporary.

And when you get to the finish line,
Will you wish you had some more time?
Maybe someday you will find,
That you can’t go back, you can’t rewind!

We are all chasing each other,
Life seems like a treadmill,
And if we get the first prize,
For something we have worked so hard.

Let me tell you who will win,
They are the ones who let love in,
They are the ones who make the time,
So don’t let the clock tell you what to do.

I’m here right now in front of you,
Waiting for you to notice me,
Tomorrow is unspoken,
Yesterday is history.

So, why don’t you be here with me?
All we have is this moment,
And everything else is…

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